Technology Mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistic Mode Applied Energistic adds many new devices to the game and blocks that will improve the story and make it more fun. There are two new types of ore, such as certus quartz

  • 106 k
  • 4 mln
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Extreme Reactors

Extreme Reactors Extreme Reactors is a mod that allows you to create multi-block structures (Turbines and Reactors). These reactors generate Redstone Flux energy (RF), which is used in quite

  • 2 k
  • 556 k
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Pollution of the Realms

Pollution of the Realms Ecological issues are the key problem of today’s world. Various factories, plants, and processing facilities pollute the atmosphere of the planet, bringing the air indicators to critical levels.

  • 1 k
  • 54 k
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Building Gadgets

Building Gadgets – Quick building in Minecraft Construction – is one of the activity options in Minecraft, probably the most popular one, as hundreds of thousands of various maps have been created

  • 5 k
  • 207 k
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Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct – craft your tools from scratch Tinkers Construct – is a mod that has long been a classic. Players have been playing it and loving it for decades because it gives players a lot of freedom of action.

  • 5 k
  • 7 mln
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Pyrotech: A Mod That Makes Survival More Difficult A mod called Pyrotech makes survival much harder and also adds a lot of new items and blocks. When you create a world, you will be given a book

  • 96 k
  • 73 k
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Botania Botania is an add-on that introduces a large amount of new content and offers you to use all available options to develop your skills and improve the environment. New Types of Flowers

  • 8 k
  • 5 mln
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Nature's Compass

Nature's Compass: Quick Search for Biomes Minecraft can boast a huge number of biomes, which become even more numerous with each update. So it becomes not so easy to find, say, a savannah or

  • 9 k
  • 6 mln
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Camera Mod

Camera Mod – a new camera in Minecraft How do you take screenshots in the game? Usually, you press F2, and it is saved in the folder with your game version. You can also use standard Windows

  • 2 k
  • 2 mln
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