Scenery Mods for Minecraft 1.11.2

Enchantment Descriptions

Enchantment Descriptions If you have ever had to enchant items in Minecraft, you know that that is not an easy task, and you often have to spend a lot of time to achieve the desired result. Thus,

  • 9 k
  • 4 mln
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Corail Tombstone

Corail Tombstone Have got a lot of valuable resources but accidentally died falling from a height due to inattention or in some other way? In the vanilla Minecraft, it is very difficult to find

  • 12 k
  • 2 mln
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Kingdom Keys 2

Kingdom Keys 2 This mod adds numerous items, weapons, and armor to Minecraft from the Kingdom Hearts RPG games. RPG mechanics The very first change you’ll see after installing the mod – peculiar

  • 1 k
  • 29 k
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Sit – your character can sit By default, the player can swim, fly, run, and interact with other animals and NPCs in Minecraft, but for some reason the developers didn’t add the ability to sit.

  • 5 k
  • 8 mln
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Botania Botania is an add-on that introduces a large amount of new content and offers you to use all available options to develop your skills and improve the environment. New Types of Flowers

  • 8 k
  • 5 mln
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Roots: A Mod That Adds Natural Magic A mod called Roots adds new items, druid knowledge, weapons, and armor to the game world. You will also be able to perform various rituals. This mod requires

  • 2 k
  • 60 k
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Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds – many new birds The Exotic Birds mod adds a huge number of new birds to Minecraft, each of them with its own unique appearance, characteristics, and different species; it can lay

  • 93 k
  • 691 k
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Signpost Signpost – a small but rather useful modification that adds signposts to the game. There are only 2 types of signposts – a simple signpost and a large signpost. The simple signpost consists

  • 1 k
  • 143 k
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ToroHealth Damage Indicators

ToroHealth Damage Indicators – mobs’ health indicator There are many different mobs in Minecraft, both neutral and hostile, and each creature has its own health indicators, and some even have

  • 7 k
  • 12 mln
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