Food Mods for Minecraft


Croptopia A large farming mod that adds a huge number of new fruits, berries, and vegetables to the vanilla world of Minecraft. From now on, your farming can become a really large-scale, and

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  • 984 k
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TelePastries Alice in Wonderland could become huge and tiny using food, whereas this mod allows you to use it to teleport to different dimensions. You will now be able to cook special cakes to

  • 384
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TofuCraftReload It is a mod that brings a tofu dimension filled with tofu and created from tofu. So if you are a fan of tofu, this mod will appeal to you. The mod is mainly about food, so there

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Botany Pots

Botany Pots: New Pot Types Decorating a house or structure in Minecraft is a pleasant and important process for players. Even if you just erect a 2x2 box, you try to create an interesting decorative

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Thermal Cultivation

Thermal Cultivation A small agricultural mod that adds new crops and recipes, as well as a couple of original ways to store and water your crop to the game. Plants In fact, the mod adds not very

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  • 296 k
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Mystic's Biomes

Mystic's Biomes We don’t quite understand why these biomes were called mystic, but the mod is really beautiful. In fact, this mod will give you three new biomes in the game – Lavender Fields,

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  • 92 k
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Tough As Nails

Tough As Nails – Challenging Survival Mode for Minecraft How many times have you died in Minecraft due to lack of food or health, or because of various mobs? Have you experienced difficult climate

  • 15 k
  • 2 mln
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Pyrotech: A Mod That Makes Survival More Difficult A mod called Pyrotech makes survival much harder and also adds a lot of new items and blocks. When you create a world, you will be given a book

  • 96 k
  • 73 k
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AppleSkin – enhanced HUD for food Health recovery and saturation in Minecraft are the most important indicators that you should constantly monitor while in the mine, different locations, and biomes.

  • 9 k
  • 10 mln
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