Food Mods for Minecraft 1.15.1


AppleSkin – enhanced HUD for food Health recovery and saturation in Minecraft are the most important indicators that you should constantly monitor while in the mine, different locations, and biomes.

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  • 10 mln
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Earth Mobs Mod

Earth Mobs Mod This mod adds a few new mobs from the Minecraft Earth game – Mooblooms, Cluckshrooms, and Muddy Pigs. As well as applies an additional «breed» concept to the rest of the vanilla animals.

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  • 91 k
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Vanilla Boom

Vanilla Boom Vanilla Boom mod slightly makes the vanilla world a bit different by adding 4 new fish, a lot of different food types, building blocks, weapons, and so on. Food The first and most important update is food.

  • 409
  • 8 k
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Simple Farming

Simple Farming It is a mod that adds even more crops to Minecraft. With it, you will be able to feel like a real farmer, growing various vegetables, creating orchards, equipping whole grape fields,

  • 2 k
  • 977 k
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Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike: New Hunger System in Minecraft How often have you starved to death in Minecraft? Hunger is perhaps one of the main reasons why players often die at the start, as it is difficult

  • 429
  • 18 k
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XL Food Mod

XL Food Mod – a true food lover’s paradise The XL Food mod adds a lot of different hearty and delicious foods for further use. Rock salt Rock salt is another ore that can be found in caves. You

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  • 830 k
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