Mods for Minecraft 1.16

YUNG's Better Dungeons (Forge)

YUNG's Better Dungeons (Forge) This mod adds three new dungeons to Minecraft: Catacombs with a large number of hostile zombies, Fortresses of the Undead with hordes of skeletons, and Spider Caves.

  • 3 k
  • 743 k
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YUNG's Better Strongholds (Forge)

YUNG's Better Strongholds (Forge) YUNG's Better Strongholds (Forge) for Minecraft is an add-on that completely reworks the stronghold generation system and makes these structures more detailed and elaborate.

  • 91 k
  • 652 k
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AppleSkin – enhanced HUD for food Health recovery and saturation in Minecraft are the most important indicators that you should constantly monitor while in the mine, different locations, and biomes.

  • 8 k
  • 9 mln
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BetterF3: An Improved Debug HUD There is a lot of information for the player in Minecraft, and some of it is hidden from the eye. Thus, even without a map, the user can still get coordinates

  • 1 k
  • 284 k
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Inventory HUD+

Inventory HUD+ - Updated inventory in Minecraft Inventory is the main section, which the player opens most often. You take different loot from caves, put building blocks to build a castle, a

  • 4 k
  • 1 mln
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Blockus – a great variety of blocks! There are numerous blocks in Minecraft – both decorative and functional, as well as plants, and the like. This is what Minecraft consists of, so you can’t do without blocks.

  • 100
  • 32 k
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Enhanced AI

Enhanced AI: Improving Mobs' AI The behavior of mobs in Minecraft is stereotyped. Thus, if we see a zombie in front of us, we can hide from it in blocks, get on a hill, or try to run off several blocks.

  • 2 k
  • 31 k
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Blur+ (Fabric)

Blur – Don’t be distracted by the world! Do you often have to craft or put something in your inventory, for example, in the middle of a mine or somewhere in a house? The standard Minecraft mechanics

  • 494
  • 33 k
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Physics Mod

Physics Mod – New physics in Minecraft Physics in the Minecraft aren’t well studied, and this isn’t a primary task for such a project, because the graphics here also seem a little «poor» at first sight.

  • 4 k
  • 958 k
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