Mods for Minecraft 1.5.2


JourneyMap Finding your bearings in the game world is a big problem for you, and you don't understand where you are? Indeed, it is quite difficult to play without a map, as you cannot know what awaits you.

  • 174 k
  • 35 mln
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Kingdom Keys 2

Kingdom Keys 2 This mod adds numerous items, weapons, and armor to Minecraft from the Kingdom Hearts RPG games. RPG mechanics The very first change you’ll see after installing the mod – peculiar

  • 1 k
  • 29 k
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The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest mod adds a new storyline to the game, as well as another dimension with new mobs and bosses.</ p> How to get to a new dimension and come back If you want to get into a new

  • 128 k
  • 11 mln
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Good Night's Sleep

Good Night's Sleep A mod called Good Night's Sleep allows the player to go into their unusual dreams. But dreams can be good and bad — this is what this add-on is based on. It also adds two new

  • 104 k
  • 220 k
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Special Mobs

Special Mobs A mod that customizes the usual vanilla mobs and attributes a variety of specific animations and behaviors to them. If you’ve been playing Minecraft for so long that the only feeling

  • 541
  • 94 k
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A mod called Millenaire adds many different structures inhabited by new villagers, which you can bargain with. The latter can do everything: build, get their own food, and engage in some special

  • 100 k
  • 937 k
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The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings The Lord of the Rings – is a global modification that adds the «Lord of the Rings» universe to the game. The mod doesn’t absolutely change the vanilla world in any way –

  • 1 k
  • 50 k
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