Mobs Mods for Minecraft 1.10.2

Just Enough Resources (JER)

Just Enough Resources – Extended information about anything Have you explored vanilla Minecraft inside out? It’s time to install a few mods to try to survive in new biomes, meet different mobs,

  • 3 k
  • 3 mln
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Vampirism - Become a vampire!

Vampirism This exciting mod allows you to become a real vampire. You only have to drink blood to become stronger. Don’t you want to be a vampire? No problem! There is another way – you can become

  • 139 k
  • 6 mln
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EvilCraft A techno magical mod that adds really dark magic to the vanilla world of Minecraft. Build infernal mechanisms, perform black rituals, make bloody sacrifices, pump blood from your enemies

  • 2 k
  • 381 k
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Grimoire of Gaia

Grimoire of Gaia It is a mod that features many ancient and mythical characters. Thanks to it, you will be able to encounter centaurs, cyclopes, mermaids, the nine-tails, succubi, and many other truly interesting mobs.

  • 3 k
  • 136 k
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Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct – craft your tools from scratch Tinkers Construct – is a mod that has long been a classic. Players have been playing it and loving it for decades because it gives players a lot of freedom of action.

  • 5 k
  • 7 mln
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Improved Mobs (Forge)

Improved Mobs – Changing mobs’ behavior Do you like everything about the standard mobs’ behavior in Minecraft or do you feel like changing some effects, game mechanics, or other aspects? The

  • 2 k
  • 231 k
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Good Night's Sleep

Good Night's Sleep A mod called Good Night's Sleep allows the player to go into their unusual dreams. But dreams can be good and bad — this is what this add-on is based on. It also adds two new

  • 106 k
  • 222 k
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Soul Sand Life

Soul Sand Life – Content from the «soul sand» How often do you visit different biomes in the Nether? After all, there are a lot of different locations in Minecraft, and new territories are added

  • 461
  • 2 k
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Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds – many new birds The Exotic Birds mod adds a huge number of new birds to Minecraft, each of them with its own unique appearance, characteristics, and different species; it can lay

  • 95 k
  • 695 k
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