Psychedelic Shaderpacks for Minecraft

Exposa Shaders

Exposa Shaders: A Realistic Shader Pack Are you ready to download a shader pack for your launcher to change the graphics in Minecraft and add many different effects? We have already uploaded

  • 7 k
  • 465 k
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πŸŽƒ Insanity Shader

Insanity Shader Do you play some horror maps where there are no built-in shaders? Or maybe you just wanted to get new emotions from the game and planned to install some additions in the horror

  • 4 k
  • 171 k
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Arc [shader]

Arc Shader – Realistic Visuals In 2022, it is hard to imagine Minecraft without using shaders. Even a weak PC allows you to find an option with a minimum load and a large number of effects. In

  • 12 k
  • 323 k
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Epoch – β€” shader pack that will take you to the Victorian era Epoch – is a new shader pack that will help the gamer look at the game world of Minecraft from the other side. The settings of these

  • 1 k
  • 788
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Lizzy's Shaders [LS]

Lizzy ’ s Shaders – optimized Minecraft shaders What does Minecraft lack when you want to make a colorful video, screensaver, or screenshot? Of course, shaders. The Mojang developers keep adding

  • 2 k
  • 16 k
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Trilitons shaders

Trilitons Shaders This version of shaders has been created based on Chocapic13's Shaders. However, the designer of Trilitons shaders has refined many different aspects to ensure the current quality level.

  • 3 k
  • 30 k
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Sunflawer Shaders

Sunflawer Shaders – realistic and unusual shaders Are you interested in different shaders for Minecraft? Most likely, you are familiar with BSL Shaders, which allow you to transform the graphics beyond recognition.

  • 1 k
  • 115 k
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