64x Resourcepacks for Minecraft

MeineKraft Fanmade 64x

MeineKraft Fanmade MeineKraft Fanmade – is a very popular resource pack, which includes very interesting textures. This pack resource is very demanding on computer performance due to several criteria.

  • 1 k
  • 37 k
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aBTV texture Pack 64px Full 3D POM

aBTV texture Pack 64px Full 3D POM – Medieval textures! Feel tired of the common Minecrft textures? Want to change the vanilla textures of blocks? The aBTV texture Pack 64px Full 3D POM texture

  • 511
  • 46 k
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Karmorakcraft – medieval textures in Minecraft How often have you seen cool medieval buildings in Minecraft? Or you have considered beautiful structures on servers where a large number of users

  • 1 k
  • 70 k
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ACME Pack (64x)

Acme Pack Quite an interesting resource pack inspired by the cartoon style. Thanks to its high resolution, which xceeds the average one, the textures will look rather attractive. The main menu

  • 665
  • 2 k
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Luna HD 64x

Luna HD – a high-quality resource pack to change the main blocks and items Are you tired of vanilla textures? Would you like to add more beauty and realism? In fact, you can find a texture pack

  • 1 k
  • 32 k
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Wolfhound Fantasy

Wolfhound Fantasy is a magical resource pack that infuses purple into almost all blocks, items, and other world components. The resource pack is highly detailed. Its resolution is 64. The author

  • 494
  • 1 k
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Battered Old Stuff

Battered Old Stuff Battered Old Stuff is an interesting resource pack featuring several styles at once. As the name suggests, this pack will make many blocks look old-fashioned. Besides, thanks

  • 1 k
  • 14 k
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Wolfhound Wolfhound is quite a popular and interesting resource pack, which can boast unique textures not found in other packs except in the modder's ones. The changes will affect not only the

  • 518
  • 605
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