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FallingTree (Forge&Fabric)

FallingTree: Fast Chopping of Trees Wood is the main source of materials in Minecraft and one of the first items you have to interact with to make yourself a pickaxe, shovel, crafting table,

  • 38 k
  • 19 mln
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Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistic Mode Applied Energistic adds many new devices to the game and blocks that will improve the story and make it more fun. There are two new types of ore, such as certus quartz

  • 105 k
  • 4 mln
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The Undergarden

The Undergarden – a dark world mod The Undergarden mod adds various items, weapons, and blocks, but most importantly, it introduces a dark dimension with new creatures and types of items. Catalyst

  • 4 k
  • 213 k
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EvilCraft A techno magical mod that adds really dark magic to the vanilla world of Minecraft. Build infernal mechanisms, perform black rituals, make bloody sacrifices, pump blood from your enemies

  • 1 k
  • 368 k
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Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home: New Building Blocks You can build a house or any other structure in Minecraft even from standard blocks, as their number is quite enough to realize any ideas, given how many different

  • 626
  • 2 k
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GeoSmelt (Forge and Neo)

GeoSmelt (Forge Mod): Everything for Lovers of Valuable Metals GeoSmelt (Forge Mod) is a small add-on that increases the number of in-game metals and brings new ores, ingots, and so on. Besides,

  • 325
  • 2 k
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Ancient Elements

Ancient Elements The mod adds a long list of new ores from the Terraria mod to Minecraft. Thus, there will be about 25 new ores in all three dimensions of the world. By mining, melting, and processing

  • 548
  • 1 k
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Environmental A great mod by Ubnormal, which adds three new biomes to Minecraft, as well as a certain amount of new content related to this biome. Large swamps Abnormally tall grass is the main feature of the biome.

  • 497
  • 87 k
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Botany Pots

Botany Pots: New Pot Types Decorating a house or structure in Minecraft is a pleasant and important process for players. Even if you just erect a 2x2 box, you try to create an interesting decorative

  • 1 k
  • 587 k
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