Maps for Minecraft 1.20.1

Celestia Town

Celestia Town: A Small Medieval Town for Minecraft How do you imagine a small medieval town in Minecraft, where life is in full swing, people are engaged in their favorite crafts, trade is flourishing,

  • 383
  • 226
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Decked Out Expansion Pack

Decked Out Expansion Decked Out Expansion is a great map for Minecraft on which you can play not only alone but also with friends. It is a story-driven map where the player has to visit a huge

  • 470
  • 100
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Radiant City Official

Radiant city Radiant city – is a pretty large and modern city, in which all the buildings are made in a beautiful style. All of the buildings here are unique, and you are unlikely to find similar

  • 13 k
  • 1 mln
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Ragan - A beautiful Dinosaurs World

Ragan - a beautiful Dinosaurs World On the Ragan - a beautiful Dinosaurs World map, the player finds themselves in the prehistoric period, where used to live dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures,

  • 215
  • 282
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Yvion - An incredible Modern City Hub

Yvion - an incredible Modern City Hub Imagined a city of the future and want to see it right in front of you in Minecraft? So, meet the Yvion - an incredible Modern City Hub map that offers to

  • 355
  • 2 k
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