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[MAP] [EN/FR] Escape 1: Adventures With Puzzles

How far are you willing to go on a cool puzzle map where you need to do your best and display all your abilities? Have you ever played Minecraft with checkpoints, drops, and loot preserved even after death? A huge number of different maps of adventure, parkour, and survival format have been created for this game, but not all of them can boast elaborate gameplay.

One of the really cool and most well-designed maps is Escape 1, the designer of which has provided some localization in the form of two options: in English and French. Accordingly, there will be two folders in the archive — EN and FR — and it is up to you which one to copy to the saves section in the list of saves of your launcher.

[MAP] [EN/FR] Escape 1: An Overview

It is an adventure map with a lot of different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to escape from a sinister location. You are there for a reason, although the full background of this map is not disclosed by the designer. It is cold and scary but quite interesting there. Its plot somewhat resembles the one in the movie Saw, where the main characters had to perform terrible tasks, solve different types of puzzles, and find secret loopholes.

The salient feature of this location is cool mechanical puzzles that you will never find in other add-ons, along with a unique texture pack, thanks to which the entire game world will be transformed in a couple of clicks. Thus, right at the spawn, you will see a small monitor with the command line displayed. If you click on the screen, another system command will appear.

The same is true of the environment. There will be different types of rooms, bunks as in a prison, levers, hidden passages, security cameras, and much more around. To escape from this place, you will have to be smart, make full use of deduction, and necessarily read the complete manual, which describes all the nuances of this location, along with the main noteworthy features.

Note! Always read notifications in the chat. They can be displayed both automatically and after performing some actions or interacting with levers or buttons. These messages contain important information. They can be in English or French, so be sure to use the French localization if it is more easy-to-understand for you.

Be sure also to pick up all the items you see on the floor or in the drawers. They will be useful to you — if not at the moment, then in the future. At the very spawn, you can already get a golden apple — and this is just the beginning… Your inventory is preserved there after death, so you will not have to worry about losing all important stuff and items if your HP level suddenly drops to zero. However, the game progress will be lost, and you will have to complete some locations once again.

The texture pack of this map allows the player to get fully immersed in the original atmosphere conceived by the designer. You will not recognize the familiar game playing this map, as you will find yourself in a completely different world. He is gloomy, scary, and full of secrets and mysteries. All this atmosphere is complemented by the sounds added by the same pack. However, you can disable the music or replace the texture pack with the standard one in the settings. We do not recommend doing this, though.

Summing it up, we can say that the Escape 1 map is something unknown and gloomy but very interesting. You can wander for hours there, moving from one location to another, where you will have to take notice of all the signs and buttons and remember where particular mechanisms are used. But the best part is that you can complete the map both in singleplayer and multiplayer mode simply by granting access to it over the network through the Minecraft launcher. So be sure to try it if you like adventure maps with horror elements.

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