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Radiant city

Radiant city – is a pretty large and modern city, in which all the buildings are made in a beautiful style. All of the buildings here are unique, and you are unlikely to find similar buildings on any other maps. They are unique in issue of them style and material, because all modern cities consist only of tall buildings. Here, everything is very harmonious, and you can see both tall and small buildings. They are not so square and have an extraordinary style, so you will surely like them. You can find there near 41 buildings, while in some places there are empty places that have been created to make the city grow in the process of construction. This city has an ideal traffic interchange, beautiful roads and a metro that connects all parts of this city. In addition to buildings, there are many other places for adventure that you can find by traveling on this map. This map is very interesting. Here you can go through very long trials, in the process of which you acquire new emotions. Perhaps it is the most important in this place.

Once you appear on this map, you will instantly notice that you are in one of these city buildings. Here is very spacious and light, as well as this place has no superfluous details. This building is very high and very similar to some temples. Its interior building material is very beautiful and perfectly combined with this style. This building is very beautiful. If you find one of the exits, you’ll see a sign with a button on the bottom. After you click on this, the name of this building in English will appear on your screen. According to the title, you will be able to understand what that is Isaac Cathedral. At the bottom of the name of the cathedral, you can see the date and name of the author who created this work of art. From this, you can understand that this map was created for seven years. So you can already understand the scale of this map.

On the outside, this cathedral is very beautiful too. In fact, this building is not very high and has a dome that gives a great height to this building. If you wait until night, you can see the extraordinary beauty of this building. Almost all parts of this cathedral will be lit at night, so that the cathedral looks even more beautiful at this time of day. This cathedral is made of unusual materials for this city, so it will especially stand out against other buildings. The thing is, practically all the buildings on the outside are made of quartz in this town, so they’re gonna turn white.

On either side of this cathedral, beautiful parks are located, in which grows well-maintained greenery. Here, the minimum number of plants is, although these components are perfectly combined. The roses inside the leaves look very beautiful on the background of the cathedral, so they aesthetically complement this place. On some sides inside these parks, there are pretty unique places. From this corner, you will see a beautifullion statue. There is a button and a tablet near it. On this tablet, you will see the name of the author who created this work of art, as well as the date of creation. On the other hand, there’s a plaque with the name of the author who made some improvements to the statue.

As you approach the next corner of the cathedral, you will see a plaque that leads you to this corner, where you will immediately see what awaits you there. According to the inscription, it’s easy to guess that there’sa mirror maze in this corner. After you get to the corner, you will see a small basement that you should visit. There, beautiful shades are formed in front of you, as well as the inscriptions are highlighted in the chat. Around these beautiful shades, there are two departments. In fact, they are identical, except one of them written in English and the second is – in Russian. Above them, you will see two tablets that will help you understand which department is written in English and which is in Russian. Inside the department, you will see the necessary conditions to complete this quest. It takes at least two players to complete it. You need to perform several tasks and follow the necessary rules that are written in this book simultaneously.

This building has another room. There, you will certainly see a plaque that will help you understand that you are in a safe zone. There you can leave your items and stuff to avoid losing them in the process of playthrough. There are also three buttons. Two of them are needed to change the time of day, and the other will throw the beds, that is, your point of rebirth.

If you want to have fun, you can complete this quest. In fact, it is great for single-player travel in case you spend a lot of time on it. We would like to remind you that you should leave your belongings in the safety zone, otherwise you will lose them. The thing is, you don’t need them at this location. To begin the quest, you must step on the light stone that is in the main building. After you step on this stone, it will teleport you to another place on this map where you will be alone with your enemies. During the first mission, you will need to kill four endermites, which are at the corners of a small room. If you are ready for the second mission, you need to click on the button.

After you click this button, you will find yourself in a deserted place, but we advise you to take care because it is very dark. In the middle, the prize awaits you, from which the light comes out, that you see something here. But you have to be careful because very dangerous mobs are waiting for you here, and there are a lot of them, so you have a very long battle ahead of them. If you have insufficient patience and you immediately enter the chest, then chances are that it will cost you your life. After its visit, you will have an instant blindness effect and will be able to see almost nothing. In that time, you could be killed, and you’d have to go through the first test again, so first you’d have to kill all your enemies. If you are not ready for this test, you can use the button below you, which will lead you to the first test passed, and later you can return to the city.

If you are ready for the next test, you should press the button that is in front of you. After that, you teleport to an unknown location. It is very dark, and at first glance, there are nothing except some buttons. In fact, this is one of the hardest trials for you. The longer you stay here, the harder this test becomes for you. Your task is the same, such as – Eliminate all enemies in this room. Also, you need to break a spawner, otherwise these enemies will appear again and again. You don’t have a pickaxe at all, so this is going to be a very difficult test. After you defeat all enemies, you should open chests with your prizes, which are located on the sides of you. After you pass this test, you can click the next button.

The next test is no less dangerous. You will get into a small room, when swamp and jungle are situated. There are manylianas, too. Heads of creepers are on small logs that died during these challenges. You can already understand what awaits you. On these vines, two creepers are hidden, which can bring you great trouble. They can jump on you from anywhere and blow you up, so you should be as careful as possible. If you notice them, you should keep a distance between you and your enemy. This will help you successfully eliminate them with an onion.

If you are alive after the attack of the creepers, then you can continue, and if you are tired, you can surrender. After that, you will have an easier mission. You will find yourself in a small room with a very unusual and beautiful map. There is one iron door that will only be useful for you to attract your attention, but it has no use for your playing. You must go down to the cellar where the shooting gallery awaits you. Here, you will be able to test your precision archery. Seven special buttons are in front of you, in which you need to hit the bow. Some of them will give you some prize, but some of them have – big trouble in their list of features.

In fact, this is not all the trials that are presented in large numbers in this mod. You can play in the pink room with lots of skeletons that hold very dangerous weapons. The lava room will show you small and simple parkour, during which you should be as careful as possible. Also, there is a small maze in the library, the battle in the brick room and many other interesting missions and challenges.

You should not forget about the main city as you can visit all the buildings on this map except the particular quest. Near the entrance to the cathedral, there is subway. You won’t have any difficulty finding it because a few of the paintings are there, which have notes about what the metro is waiting for you. This is a unique subway. Moreover, you will understand this immediately after visiting its first zone. This subway is entirely composed of water that is covered with pitchers on top. It looks very beautiful and safe at first sight.

This subway is pretty vast and has a lot of free space inside. There aretwo paths, on which you can move with trolleys. These paths are like each other. With them, you can move very quickly because the author used conventional rails only where they are needed. There is a detailed structure of the subway, so the trolley moves on a particular rail, and on the screen, line and the point is highlighted which are the indicators of where you are. This is a very convenient feature that will surely help you in your playthrough.

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