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Diversity – Mini-games in Minecraft

Minecraft obviously lacks activity, especially if the player first comes to single-player mode and does not yet understand what multiplayer is and how to choose a server to play with other users. Even those who are used to building different structures or doing farming sometimes get tired of this repetitive work and need some kind of activity. However, vanilla Minecraft may not be interesting enough, and you have to use third-party developments from different modders.

If you regularly download different Minecraft maps, we recommend that you pay attention to Diversity, which is one of the best developments for «mini-games». Here you will find many different games, such as parkour, arenas, puzzles, boss fights, labyrinths, escape, and many other fun modes. Each mode will have its specific color. So, after spending some time intensively researching different locations on the Diversity map, you will manage to distinguish them by colors.

Diversity Map Rules

Of course, you can «cheat» by circumventing the basic rules of the game. You can even «open the map for the network» to activate the creative mode and other features. However, this location is created for vanilla survival, where there is no admin panel, cheats, or any related mods. The author has also introduced several basic rules that we recommend sticking to:

1. Do not break any items or create new ones;

2. Do not use commands for teleportation, mob spawn, or flying;

3. Do not use Fly or X-Ray to look through locations and blocks;

4. In a single-player mode, you are encouraged to use the Easy difficulty level to quickly understand all the basics and enjoy the gameplay.

Main Goal and Game Modes

Your main goal on the map is to complete the monument by collecting the colored wool. Each piece of wool is obtained by finishing a certain mini-game. If the mini-game is complete, the system gives you a wool block of the required color, you go to the monument, and put it in the appropriate chest, after which a special algorithm reads the data and enters the color on the scoreboard.

You will have to play mini-games in each location without being distracted from the main process. If the level is complete, you will get the reward we have mentioned above. In total, the author has added 10 different events, each of which has its own specific characteristics and cool features. Here is a list of mini-games the map includes:

1. Boss Battle Branch – black wool;

2. Puzzle Branch – red wool;

3. Dropper Branch – blue wool;

4. Labyrinthine Branch – purple wool;

5. Trivia Branch – lime wool;

6. Arena Branch – yellow wool;

7. Adventure Branch – orange wool;

8. Survival Branch – brown wool;

9. Escape Branch – turquoise wool;

10. Parkour Branch – pink wool.

For you to see what type of color corresponds to the task and what its name on the map is, we have made a detailed list with all the information available. Even if you do not speak a foreign language, you won’t have any problems navigating the map.

As you may have guessed, each event includes a certain type of location and different types of tasks, as well as requires the player to be active and attentive. Here you will have to focus all your attention and also use your brain. In some cases, you will have to spend a lot of time trying to understand the principles of the game and go through the location without losing health. Below we explain what are the advantages of each type of mini-game.

Boss Battles

You will have to fight a certain number of bosses in a special arena and use all your resources if you want to win. Besides, you will also have to find the black wool block, which is later placed in the monument. It is one of the most difficult games in Minecraft, but it is possible to complete it even at a high difficulty level. You can teleport from one point to another by pressing buttons in different areas of this location. This feature is quite useful, but it is not considered cheating.


In this mode, you will have to «stretch your brain» and solve various tasks. They are not that difficult, however, they will take some time. In general, such tasks are highly motivating since you don’t have to run aimlessly but to «use your brain». After completing the task, you can get a red wool block. It is actually quite interesting, so don’t try to circumvent the rules with cheats or some other tricks.


Dropper is an extremely interesting and exciting mode, in which you will have to literally «fall from the sky». The main thing here is not to get on the «floating blocks», or you will lose. There will be plenty of them, and they may be very small areas that reduce your chances of winning. But you still can complete this level, and most players do not have any problems in this mode. If you have previously tried to install mini-games or played on some Minecraft multiplayer servers, you are most likely familiar with this mode. After you win, you will get blue wool.


There is nothing difficult about this mode. As the name implies, it will be necessary to go through the labyrinth, where there are a large number of passages, but there is only one way out to the other end. You are encouraged not to use cheats or admin mode. The fact is that if you fly, you can complete this task in one second. You can take a map or sheet of paper to mark where you’ve been and where you haven’t been yet. This option will save you time. Finally, you will get a purple wool block.


It is an interesting but unusual name even for Minecraft fans, isn’t it? Trivia is a unique but not a new type of challenge in the game. You will need to answer various questions as if you are playing «What? Where? When?». And if you do not answer any question correctly, you will die.

In this case, you are encouraged to write down your answers somewhere in a notepad or open a text document on your PC. Even if you die, the next time you try, you will be able to answer the question correctly. Just don’t forget that Diversity has a death counter that counts all your «deaths». Finally, you will get a lime wool block.


Arena is quite a familiar location for any Minecraft player, but not on the Diversity map. Here you will have to fight different types of mobs. For example, you have to fight silverfish first. As soon as you defeat them, you will move on to the next stage, where you need to kill the slime. Are you done with it? Move on to the next stage, where you will meet a magma cube, which is ready to kill the player or at least deal some «good damage».

While performing tasks and killing mobs in the arena, you can return to previous stages or move on to the next. This will be evidenced by corresponding signs after each level.

There will be 14 levels available. Even if you get to the last level, the system will warn you that you are a «cheater». The last level has a separate button that sends you to the End, where you have to fight with the Dragon. In this case, the Cheaters sign is displayed on the whole screen! After you complete the arena, you will get a yellow wool block.

If you do not «cheat», you won’t reach the last level since the system will end the round at a certain stage. This is a kind of protection against cheaters designed by the author. Cool, isn’t it?


In adventure mode, the player has to complete various tasks and puzzles, explore the world of Minecraft, and just enjoy the mini-game. Here you will see an interesting fort with a large number of signs and heads of characters. Your goal is to find out what to do next. After you complete the tasks, you will get an orange wool block.


Do you follow the standard «vanilla» principle of survival in Minecraft? However, this approach «does not work» here. So, you have to follow the rules set by the developer of this map. You will get a book, which will contain a certain list of items. You will need to find them at the location where you are and throw them into a special bin. Once the deed is done, you will get a brown wool block. In general, it is one of the most interesting modes, while parkour or labyrinthine may get «boring».


This mode is for real «runners» since you will have to constantly run without looking back. If you stop, you will immediately die. So, there is no time to «think». And all you can do is run. It is an extremely interesting and unusual Minecraft mode, where everyone can show their skills and speed.

You will have to run from one location to another, as, for example, in the «Cube» movie, where some doors close and others open. It really looks cool, and the implementation is at the highest level. It is most interesting to play «Escape» for the first time. After that, it’s not so cool anymore since you have already visited many locations. As a result, you will get a turquoise wool block.

We would like to immediately warn you that you can wander here for as long as possible. Small tip: pay attention to the color of the blocks under the pressure plate to remember which doors you have already entered or exited. This will allow you to complete all the tasks much faster.


And the last mini-game on our list is parkour. We have repeatedly discussed it in our articles and even posted separate parkour maps, for example, Parkour Spiral, where you can wander along a spiral staircase and perform different tasks.

But let’s return to the Diversity map. The developer has added an interesting parkour quest, in which you will also have to move through different blocks, run, jump, and do all this as quickly as possible. Locations here are divided into small numbered levels. For example, after you pass the first one, you get to the second, then to the third, and so on. They differ by various types of blocks. Thus, you need to carefully look under your feet so as not to fall down.

These are all the mini-games (modes) on the map. We hope you roughly understand what awaits you in Diversity. The game will take a lot of time, and the map is relevant for both single and multiplayer modes. It is a full-fledged and well-developed map that you can use on many servers. Besides, there are a large number of different logical patterns so that everything works automatically.

Important to know! In any game and at any stage, you can click on the Return to Hub button to return to the corridor where all the mini-games start. But you must understand that if you do so, you won’t get a wool block of a certain color. To do that, you will have to complete the task.

What happens after I pass the game to the end?

Once you complete all the stages and put the appropriate wool blocks in a special box at the beginning of the location, the monument will be completely filled. This will open an additional sector, from where you can get into the structure of the entire map. From here you can see what mechanisms are used, how they are arranged, and so on. It is especially relevant for those who like different logical patterns.

Another important feature : after passing a certain location, such as parkour, you cannot access it anymore. Thus, you won’t be able to go inside to teleport since the room is closed with pistons.

As a result, we can say that the Diversity map is one of the most well-developed and difficult-to-implement locations, in which the author has concentrated a huge number of mini-games. All interactions with players and operations are carried out automatically, while the system works correctly without failures and does not require the presence of any controlling persons. The only drawback is the heavy load on your PC since the map uses a huge number of different patterns and logical chains. So, you should avoid using any shaders.

Such maps may well be used on servers or in local mode when playing with friends. Besides, it has a large number of downloads. The author regularly uploads new versions, fixes numerous bugs, and adds some new features. Even if you have never been interested in such locations before, we recommend downloading this map or at least adding our page to your favorites list. The time will come, and you will «be ready» to play such maps. As you know, there are not so many of them.

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