128x Resourcepacks for Minecraft

LB Photo Realism Reload!

LB Photo Realism LB Photo Realism – is a resource pack with quite a popular subject, which will make your world really unique. The author based on one of the old resource packs, which hasn’t

  • 1 k
  • 93 k
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Pastello – cartoon 3D texture If you don’t like the standard Minecraft style and want to change from the vanilla version, it’s high time to consider new packs, which are posted every day on various

  • 848
  • 4 k
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Smooth Realistic - a modern HD pack

Smooth Realistic Smooth Realistic is a very interesting resource pack that will bring the game world closer to reality. It features quite a high 128x resolution, so you should not worry about

  • 2 k
  • 887 k
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Post Greyxed

Post Greyxed Post Greyxed – is an unusual resource pack that was created in a post-apocalyptic style. In this in-game world, you’ll see some pretty weird blocks that don’t match their name. We

  • 452
  • 4 k
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BorderCraft A resource pack called BorderCraft gives the in-game textures a more realistic appearance. Besides, it can boast a very high resolution, which will give the textures a smooth and elaborate look.

  • 578
  • 214
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FlowsHD 1.8

Flows HD This pack changes the vanilla textures to more detailed colors, the texture quality will be higher because this resource pack’s resolution is 64x. With this resource pack, the game will

  • 322
  • 1 k
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KoP Photo Realism modern 128x128

Kop Photo Realism Kop Photo Realism is a medieval resource pack that contains a good amount of unique details and has a resolution of 64. This texture pack adds more depth to blocks and makes

  • 540
  • 94
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Infinite RPG Infinite RPG is a texture pack that completely changes the outside world of the game and adds new shades to it that will have a darker structure and broadcast gamers' scary atmosphere.

  • 527
  • 53
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