Genetics Mods for Minecraft

MCA Reborn [FabricForge]

MCA Reborn [FabricForge] An interesting mod based on interaction with residents. Once, as far back as on versions 1.12.2 and earlier, there was a great mod called Minecraft Comes Alive that turns

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  • 556 k
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Villager Life

Villager Life – Realistic Civilians in Minecraft It’s impossible to imagine the world of Minecraft without civilians, since we have to interact and trade with them all the time, and some server

  • 1 k
  • 2 k
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Cataclysmic Creepers

Cataclysmic Creepers It is a small and fun mod that makes creepers big exploding cucumbers. It slightly changes the mechanics of their spawn and adds special seeds that should be destroyed when

  • 205
  • 369
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BreedGPT: Breeding Animals in a New Way In whatever mode you play Minecraft, you always have to start small: to craft a pickaxe, get wood, go down into a mine, and start breeding animals to get

  • 195
  • 18
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Wilder Wilds

Wilder Wilds It is a small decorative mod that adds a wide variety of flowers, bushes, and other plants to the Minecraft game world. They practically do not carry any other function except to

  • 329
  • 2 k
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Animania Base

Animania – mode for creatures changings in Minecraft world This Animania mode modifies the appearance and behaviour of animals and adds new animals to the Minecraft world. So animals get their

  • 2 k
  • 412 k
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