Server utilities Mods for Minecraft 1.15.2

Corail Tombstone

Corail Tombstone Have got a lot of valuable resources but accidentally died falling from a height due to inattention or in some other way? In the vanilla Minecraft, it is very difficult to find

  • 14 k
  • 2 mln
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Notes: A Notepad for Minecraft Minecraft is a versatile project that can boast a large amount of content and where you have to remember coordinates, the location of objects, different types of

  • 865
  • 21 k
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Clumps – collected pieces of experience One of the important components in Minecraft is experience. Only it will allow you to enchant things for certain effects to increase the armor’s protection

  • 2 k
  • 2 mln
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Corpse – realistic corpses of the players It’s impossible to live in Minecraft and never die, no matter how experienced the player is. You die in different locations, dimensions, in battles with

  • 6 k
  • 5 mln
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Boatload – New boat types in Minecraft The only way to move on water in Minecraft is boats, which can sometimes also be used to move quickly on ice in the vanilla version, since the speed is by times higher there.

  • 603
  • 106 k
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Gravestones A small mod that became rather popular among creators of assemblies, as well as on servers. It has only one task – to show the player death, however strange that may sound. In fact,

  • 762
  • 51 k
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Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike: New Hunger System in Minecraft How often have you starved to death in Minecraft? Hunger is perhaps one of the main reasons why players often die at the start, as it is difficult

  • 429
  • 18 k
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