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Review Project Zearth v.13.1

Project Zearth – a huge city in Minecraft

There are many cities in Minecraft, and each one has its peculiar style. One category of creators tries to adhere to a certain epoch or architecture, while others prefer to create the way they «see», using their unique style, charm, some unique «features». But everyone gets different buildings, constructions, and each city is unique in its own way, so it’s quite difficult to choose something ready-made from the maps, especially if you just want to «look around».

Another thing is when you are looking for a city map that will allow you to enjoy creative ideas and explore them all. You just want to watch different types of buildings, evaluate their appearance, take a train, go down the river on a boat, fly a plane, use signs for terrain orientation, and just forget about mines, PvP, and other moments common to classic Minecraft. Are you ready for this? Then install the Project Zearth map, which contains a huge city.

Review of the Project Zearth city

This is a classic city map in Minecraft that gives you a free hand. You can explore a meaningful world, explore different types of buildings, travel by boat, train, walk around the city, and get acquainted with different architecture. No restrictions, an absolute carte blanche. At the same time, the author did his best to invent interior for every building, so it can be said that 99.9% of the constructions have it, which is a big advantage for large cities.

High-rise buildings

Cities are dominated by high-rise buildings, which is a great advantage of Zeon metropolis. Indeed, there’s more than one city here, and they’re divided into many different locations. Below, we’ve posted a rendering map, where you can see which buildings there are here, how big the area used for this city is, and how different their landscapes are. You won’t be able to zoom it very large, but you can always download the original screenshot from the render, which weighs about 60 MB and contains the full above-posted map with all locations and buildings.

High-rise buildings belong to different categories. These can be ordinary residential buildings with all the conditions necessary for residents. Mostly these include different apartments. You can accommodate a large number of residents or players, and there will be enough place «under the sun» for everyone. Moreover, the author has developed interior of each building, no matter what floor you enter. For example, let’s have a look at a residential apartment building. It will contain interior items, furniture, and all the rooms will be different.

It’s good to have a wide range of different high-rise buildings. These include office buildings, with spaces for all kinds of tasks: large, medium, and small. There are separate high-rise shopping centers, for which also many thanks to the author. The bright city life requires different types of buildings, but there is little land here, and the author has located more high-rise buildings in the center and placed smaller buildings on the outskirts.


One of the most interesting locations on the Project Zearth map is the airport, where there are many planes of different sizes, starting from the common «biplanes» and up to large airliners. There is a landing field, so according to the «legend» they can land and take off, maneuver. If you could make all these pixel art alive, you would get a full-fledged metropolis simulator, where life is bustling and something is happening all the time.

Next to the planes, there is a large train station and a shopping center, where the map developer has added small retail stores, tents, and food courts. If you go inside, you will see numerous and different catering establishments, which is quite appropriate for this level of building. It looks unusual and very beautiful, especially if you haven’t seen such cities before. The internal style and interior of each building looks very advantageous. The author of the map did his best to invent unique interior everywhere, although about 50% of such cities are beautiful only on the surface, but empty inside.


Another large building on this map is a huge theatre with a few levels. It’s unclear whether it is a common theater, or a cinema, but it looks more like the former, because there is a second level, where you can watch the stage from. Most likely, different «live performances» should run here. One hall can accommodate up to several hundred players, where everyone can find a seat.

The building looks very beautiful inside and outside and features its unique style and interior. It’s very tasteful; besides, real examples of theaters are very rare in Minecraft, even though in this game there is anything you can imagine. Just look at the screenshots yourself and appreciate all the charm of this structure.

Small buildings

On the map, you can see many small buildings used for stores, office space for several people, hairdressers, and industrial buildings. Besides, there are different signposts here, so that the player understands where he needs to go to get to a certain place. In general, even a few hours won’t be enough for you to get around most of the buildings and understand what is on the Project Zearth map.

Each building has its unique style and architecture. There are almost no similar or copied buildings, but they have something in common, so the city doesn’t look overloaded with buildings from different maps. If you look through any window, inside you’ll see furniture, different types of lamps and lighting, chests, beds, and other objects, showing that the building is really inhabited.

Ferris wheel and factory

In the city, you’ll find a large Ferris wheel used as entertainment. Here players can climb up to appreciate the city from a bird’s-eye view. Also, you can walk to a large factory, nicely built both inside and outside. It looks like some kind of hydroelectric power station or power plant; there are a few large pipes for gas and waste discharge, industrial buildings and areas.

The building’s structure is extremely complex, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time exploring it. There are a few passages, entrances and exits, parking for employees, adjacent areas, and much more. It looks cool, interesting, and unusual.

Railway station

What should you build in a huge city to move between different locations? Of course, a railway station, since trolleys are one of the fastest ways to move around the world in Minecraft. And the main advantage of the city on the Project Zearth map is the railway between different sectors, the main buildings of the city. If you have a trolley, you can always move quickly from one location to another.

The railway station is beautiful not only from the outside, but inside as well. Here, «life is literally bustling», since there is a large number of different signs for passengers, various waiting rooms, sofas, passages, and much more. Check the screenshots below to see what the advantage of the train station on this map is and why this building can be called one of the best.

We can keep talking about different types of buildings on the Project Zearth map for eternity, as the city is really huge. It will make up an article that will take a few hours to read, but we recommend downloading the map and see what benefits this city offers with your own eyes. Besides large cities, here you can find many villages, stadiums, rivers and lakes, oceans, ferries, and railway crossings from one location to another. Even if you don’t have an opportunity to craft or find Elytras – you can always use a trolley.

The only drawback of the Project Zearth map is the FPS drop, since the saving itself is about 300 MB, and there are more than thousands of constructions built here in different locations. There are both large and small cities, villages, simple biomes without buildings (beautiful nature, flora, and fauna), so each player can find something interesting and useful. And the most pleasant thing for such a city is the full-fledged buildings with different interior styles inside. There is not a single bare building, high-rise, or room: the author has added furniture and other design solutions literally everywhere. Ready to appreciate? Then download and try!

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