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Review (Darkness) MINESON

(Darkness) MINESON: A Zombie-Infested Laboratory

How often do you have to play on Minecraft map, where chaos reigns supreme, the player is in danger at every step, but there is still a certain goal that you need to pursue while performing various side tasks? If you already have nothing to do in the vanilla game version, try downloading a map called MINESON (Darkness), which is a universal laboratory in which strange things happen. You will have to thoroughly explore this location, carefully inspect all the rooms, fight with numerous zombies, and survive to complete the main storyline mission.

The designer warns that you should also install Left 2 Mine — otherwise, the map will not work correctly. Here, you are provided with weapons, ammunition, and the opportunity to fight with a large number of mobs. And to complete these missions faster and have even more fun, you will have to interact with two more surviving characters that will also clean up the locations and help you. In general, the map has proved interesting and worthy of examination.

Review of the (Darkness) MINESON Map

You find yourself in a large laboratory where all the events are set. It is insecure there; the situation is truly depressing and gloomy, and screams of zombies can be heard from all sides, which, by the way, are quite numerous. The designer has added many creatures throughout the lab, and some of them will constantly spawn since many premises are not lit. And that, as you know, is a perfect condition for the appearance of zombies in Minecraft. So if you want to complete the Darkness map, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. We highly recommend that you have patience, first-aid kits, and ammunition in advance.

At the beginning, you will be able to choose the difficulty level. Thus, you can choose the normal difficulty or try real hardcore if such an option suits you. However, the hard difficulty is best for a team of players that will repel the attacks of hordes of mobs and resist them — otherwise, you will be simply outnumbered, and the (Darkness) MINESON map is no exception. Besides, you should see which version of the map you have installed, as the designer has released several updates with some changes and also uploaded another version. So if you use the latter, you should download the new file.


You have no information about the laboratory: what it is intended for, who initiated the construction and subsequent closure of this facility, and what its background is, so you will have to guess these points yourself. However, the building itself is large and has a lot of different corridors, passages, and hidden locations. The zombies will be literally everywhere and ready to kill you to get the desired flesh. We recommend that you play with headphones to hear all the monsters nearby. In this case, your chances of survival will increase greatly, and the gameplay will feel more comfortable.

The laboratory building is located on a flat map that has features except this complex. There is an inhabited village nearby, but it does not affect the gameplay in any way. The laboratory itself is a huge complex of different rooms, corridors, and locations. If you look at it from the outside, you will see whole sections intertwined by various passages. Inside, the situation is slightly different: some of the passages can be walled up, some open only by a particular mechanism, and you will need to understand how to do it.

Inside the laboratory on the (Darkness) MINESON map, there are many unique rooms with brewing stands. They will be quite helpful because of the healing potions, which will be one of the few ways to replenish your health there. Besides, do not overlook the numerous boxes scattered around the location. They can contain weapons, ammunition, equipment, and much more. There are even several rooms with 3–5 chests, furnaces, and many other things necessary for survival. Be sure to check each box to stay alive.

As we have already noted, you can complete the (Darkness) MINESON map not only alone but also with a team of friends, especially if you set the hard difficulty. There will be even more zombies and various other creatures, which will often spawn not only by scripts but also simply because of the presence of many rooms without lighting. By the way, according to the plot, when the cataclysm occurred, almost the entire city was left without light, and only some premises of this laboratory remained intact, which is a big advantage for you.

We hope you will appreciate the MINESON (Darkness) zombie survival map and be able to beguile a few hours trying to pass all the challenges from the first. We do not recommend using spectator and admin modes to avoid revealing rooms and their contents. The map features numerous hidden locations, passages, and other features, so it will be more interesting to complete it in the usual survival mode, whether in singleplayer mode or on a Minecraft server with friends.

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