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Hierarchy – PvP modes in Minecraft

The only thing standard survival in Minecraft implies, if we are talking about single player mode, is fighting with monsters and bosses. But after a while, the player simply gets tired of this rhythm, he lacks active actions. What can you do? Of course, join any Minecraft server, where you can have fun fighting with other players in PvP and upgrade your skills. However, not every project can boast of cool and interesting arenas.

In this case, you can try downloading Hierarchy map, which the author stuffed with a large number of maps, a few game modes, 24 characters to choose from, different types of strategies, advantages, and other features. If you’ve never played on PvP maps, it’s high time to try them using the time- and experience-proven location.

Advantages of Hierarchy map

It took developers of this map about 3 years to create a full-fledged location with a large selection of modes, characters, and unique skills. They were inspired by popular MOBA projects, so you will definitely see some of similar features and styles on any of the four maps. The main feature of Hierarchy : there is no random fighting here as, for example, in the standard version of Minecraft, where a player, who strikes fast, has a higher HP, or uses an auto clicker, wins.

In this location, you’ll have to use different types of skills, and abilities to inflict as severe damage to the enemy as possible. Hierarchy map is designed for groups, and unfortunately, you can’t play alone here. You can download it, open it in Minecraft single player mode, and share it online so that other players can join you.

On the right side of the screen, there is a scoreboard that displays full map statistics, such as the number of players in the team (both, in general, and in each of them), the chosen location (there are 4 of them), and the mode.


By default, the player appears on the spawn, where you can choose different types of modes, read the rules, see the available types of teams, and check other features. This is a kind of «launch location», where anyone, who wants, will get all the necessary help. For example, there is a Team section, where you can quickly join the team of interest. There is also a Help section, where you will find the teams and conditions description. If you don’t understand how to play, just read the information in this section.

In general, the developers have thought many things out for you, and even if you’ve never been here, you won’t get confused thanks to a user-friendly interface and automatic processes.

In the location settings, you can select such skills as: unlimited running, cyclic rain, day cycle, and unlimited mana points. You can also enable or disable the random event modes, the use of power, ready-made kits, and many other functions. Generally speaking, each map owner chooses what PvP mode will look like here.

Review of the modes

All modes on Hierarchy map will support points and tickets, which are unique to each team by default. The more active the team is, the more tickets it can get.

As for the modes, there are a few of them here, and you can choose any of interest:

· Conquest – a normal MOBA mode, in which you need to destroy the opponents’ tower; however, there isn’t a single tower, but there are different types of additional towers. The more you destroy, the more tickets you get;

· CTF – you need to capture the enemy flag from its base. Each of the lost flags reduces the number of team’s tickets;

· Death match - a standard kill mode where you need to simply destroy your opponents. You can get additional tickets for each killed opponent;

· Deroute – you will need to kill other players, but you must not die yourself.

Additional features

Although there are many modes and maps, you’ll find a few more cool features here that you should also know about:

1. Quick messages between team members;

2. Built-in store for buying potions;

3. Great range of characters at each location;

4. If you are the administrator – detailed configuration of any mode;

5. Opportunity to click the «Back» button to restore health or mana;

6. Quick button to «Surrender»;

7. Jungle– certain types of trails, where you can «catch» your opponents.

And this is not all the features of Hierarchy map. The authors have really done their best to create this location for Minecraft, where many things are well-thought-out.

A brief review of the locations

For you to roughly understand how different types of modes and locations on Hierarchy map generally look like, we’ve made a lot of screenshots for you. For example, look at the test location, where you see a huge sword made from common and quite standard materials you can find in Minecraft. However, it looks great and unusual.

Here you can find a small bastille (castle) where you can hide, use various bypasses, and quickly descend into the middle of the location. There is also a separate island in the form of a single building connected by a few bridges. The floor is cool here, made in the form of a portal to the Edge; however, you won’t be able to teleport.

If the player is kicked out of this location, he dies. Quite an interesting and decent location that makes it possible for both small and large teams to fight in a full-fledged manner against each other.

The main location types

Besides the test version, there are four main maps available, where all the actions take place:

· River #1;

· Arena;

· River #2;

· Infection.

Each location is characterized by its own unique appearance, certain sets of characters, skills, and other features, so be sure to visit all of them to appreciate all the advantages of Hierarchy. Here, we’ve made a general description of differences between the locations.

River #1

The location is designed in the medieval style and can look a scary and sometimes horrible place to fight in. Here, enemies can hide almost anywhere, since there are numerous different climbs, rooms, jetties, and pits for that.


The arena is a large platform surrounded by walls and tall towers. However, there isn’t much space to hide from enemies. It is designed in an attractive and pleasant style with a lot of sand blocks. Usually, players feel constrained, as if trapped in such locations, which is quite normal for such arenas. According to the author, there are also certain types of loopholes here, and you will need to find them to increase your chances to survive.

River #2

The second version of the «River» looks like a small village, which literally «floats» in the air. The local terrain is extremely complicated with a large number of different cracks; players will have to make every effort to protect their goals. Actually, in this location the enemy can come to you from any side, even from the most unexpected one.


Infection is a strange, but quite interesting place, where there is still the last hope for «life». There is little space here, and the distance between the enemies and you is reduced to a minimum, so never rely on any defensive constructions or shelters. These maps are perfect for fighting 1 to 1 or 2 to 2 players.

Description of character types

We’ve briefly described the categories of characters that will be available on Hierarchy map. For example, here you can choose one of the following types:

· Wizards – they enjoy a great range of zone skills that are the fighting basis, which sometimes can determine the outcome of the battle. They are affective as a support, but vulnerable in infighting;

· Killers – especially effective for quickly attacking a target to weaken it. They have little health, so killers have to strike unexpectedly. They can climb the walls and various shelters;

· Huunters – attack from afar with basic powers. They can inflict severe damage in one strike. Their arrows can turn off the enemies’ invisibility effect for a certain time period;

· Guards – the guardians of nature in Minecraft with high resistance to various attacks. The guards have shields and spells that make it possible for them to literally «break into» the midst of events.

These aren’t all the characters’ abilities. We told you about the main categories, and each of them consists of 6 different characters with their own unique features.

To sum up, we can say that Hierarchy map isn’t just a set of PvP-modes, but a full-fledged mini game where you can select different types of classes, characters, configure all kinds of arenas in detail, select skills, and unique skills. Actually, there are numerous configurations here, and if you are the administrator, you’ll be able to fine-tune the map to make it comfortable for everyone to play on.

Although there are just few downloads (a little more than 2,000) on the mod developers website, Hierarchy map is an extremely promising one – the developers keep improving their «product», make various adjustments, fix bugs, and listen to people in their community. We recommend downloading this map for Minecraft and be sure to play with your friends in different modes.

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