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Capitol City Dystopia –as a concept of the ideal city

On the Internet, you can find maps for different tastes, as well as download a map with very large cities in which everything is perfectly designed, or the same maps for the missions. The author of Capitol City Dystopia decided to make a map with which you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, so that in the future you can create your cities with a new theme thanks to this inspiration. With this map you will learn which are the ideal methods for planning the city’s construction plans, where certain buildings should stand. In addition, you can enjoy a small fragment of a beautiful city here, which consists of an area with several buildings.

Review of Capitol City Dystopia map

This map will take you to an endless ocean, in the middle of which is a small area in the shape of a circle. The whole area is surrounded by a wall of stone and other rocks. This wall was beautifully decorated despite its style of minimalism. The entrance to the territory is open from four sides, but you will initially appear at the entrance. The most interesting thing awaits you in the inner part of it, so now we should go on a tour of the perfect city to describe this great map.

As you enter this city of dreams, you may find that the roads here have been perfectly detailed. Spacious and quiet streets await you, and cars move on roads, although there are not many. This is a true city of dreams where no dangerous events occur. This town was 90 percent complete, but the interior of the buildings is still under development. That’s why its creator works on all the details so you can enjoy this perfect city.

Main building in the city

There is no modern city without high-rise buildings, so creators built them too. There are four high-rise buildings, and each of these houses represents some particular value. The most important building is in the middle. It differs from other high-rise buildings not only in height but also in appearance, as this high-rise building stands out from the rest. There are no interesting details inside of it. You will see only a useless broken elevator. The author decided to separate some rooms, but they are all empty, too. If you want to live here, you will surely be able to create a beautiful interior for the building with ease.

Around the main building, there is a beautiful courtyard area on which trees and other plants grow. At night, there is poor lighting. This is the reason that the main details of the building will be illuminated additionally. The area itself is also a little lit, and at night it looks very beautiful.

City malls are an important component of this map as people find all the useful tools and items for a life there. Creator came up with a small shopping center that fits into this small area. This building was built wide and low, although it is also multi-storey. However, this shopping center is only on the first floor, and all the other floors are occupied by office offices. Despite this, wheat grows inside, but you should not be surprised as the research center is there. But you shouldn’t doubt the mall as different logos adorn this building. There is no entrance in this building because the creator of this map has not yet finished developing the interior of this urban area.

There is another high-rise nearby. You can combine all three of these buildings as they were created in a light style. Only one high-rise building has been created in a dark style, which we will talk about later. It’s a building across the street from the mall, and it’s probably some kind of office. At the top, you can see the logo of the famous company. This building is empty on the inside, but there is one oddity. One of the floors of the building has been fully developed, so you can settle there to manage the entire office.

Close to this office, several boutiques and ordinary houses are located. If you want to play here, we advise you to settle in one of these buildings. Some buildings have a high level of detail but they are weak in the issue of interior, but in others, the author tried, and decided to detail everything to small aspects. We advise you to inspect all buildings so that you can find a building with optimal interior.

On the opposite side of the city, you can find another high-rise that differs in style from dark materials. Perhaps it is also some kind of office or apartment building, and you can decide its fate. On the top floor, you will find a unique spot that we advise you to visit. The interior is missing in this building too. That’s why you don’t have to spend time on its discovery. Overall, this building is very beautiful and looks modern in its style.

One more building is located opposite this one, which was created in a dark style too. You can hardly guess the purpose of this building if you will judge only by its appearance. But, according to some users, this is a cinema. However, you will understand this for sure only after you go inside the building. By the way, it has a nice and cozy interior inside, which was perfectly designed.

So we have no doubt that this is the ideal city on a small scale. We hope that this map will be useful for you and that you liked all the buildings created by the author of this mod.

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