512x and more Resourcepacks for Minecraft

Tokyo Ghoul Custom GUI Pack

Tokyo Ghoul Custom GUI Pack Sometimes, players may feel bored with the regular textures of the game interface, and they go to the web to search for a texture pack that changes the interface,

  • 144
  • 1 k
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The Wilder Forest Custom GUI Pack

The Wilder Forest Custom GUI Pack – Wildlife Most of the texture packs developed for Minecraft change many items and blocks; some can even completely change how animals, potions, and books look.

  • 804
  • 484
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Hyper realistic sky

Hyper Realistic Sky: A Texture Pack That Works With Fabric Hyper Realistic Sky is a major add-on that dramatically changes the sky's appearance. Its salient feature lies in the fact that the

  • 16 k
  • 1 mln
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Jujutsu Kaisen Custom GUI Pack

Jujutsu Kaisen Custom GUI Pack Those who love “Jujutsu Kaisen” (Magic battle) anime, can now plunge into the familiar and stunning world right in Minecraft! ”Jujutsu Kaisen Custom GUI Pack” -

  • 120
  • 4 k
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LEGENDARY RT TEXTURES – realistic textures in HD quality It’s hard to imagine Minecraft graphics in HD quality if you’ve been playing the «cubes» with standard or similar textures all this time.

  • 3 k
  • 38 k
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Dungeons GUI & Music

Dungeons GUI & Music Do you feel bored with the identical game interface and don’t want to change the texture by hand? Give the grey and detailed Dungeons GUI & Music resource pack a try. It’s

  • 161
  • 7 k
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Brixel: LEGO-Like Textures Even if you are over 20 or 30 years old, most likely, you played LEGO constructors as a child, which are still popular throughout the world today. Even Mojang itself,

  • 7 k
  • 136 k
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Project OverSimplified

Another Bare Bones PBR – Beautiful graphics for the game How do you feel about items and blocks in Minecraft having 3D graphics? We'll explain what we mean. For example, blocks of diamond or

  • 1 k
  • 19 k
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Optimum Realism

Optimum Realism Minecraft is a game that has captured the hearts of millions of players with its unique visual style and boundless opportunities for creativity. Now, it provides players with

  • 44
  • 3 k
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