256x Resourcepacks for Minecraft

Anime Bed Overlays

Anime Bed Overlays: Beds' Design in the Anime Style Are you a Minecraft fan? Or perhaps you're an anime fan? But you may even be a fan of both. In the latter case, a texture pack called Anime

  • 13 k
  • 236 k
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Dark Renaissance

Dark Renaissance Dark Renaissance – an exciting pack resource that contains unique textures that you will not see in other packs. Resource pack is created in different styles. In addition to

  • 996
  • 11 k
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Two Thousand Leagues 256x

High resolution with POM or normal maps and some specular labPBR support. The Minecraft mobs have been released separately and have three resolution levels available, 256x, 512x and 1024x. Use

  • 632
  • 1 k
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RTX Textures

RTX Textures Would like to transform the game world so that it looks bright and realistic? Then we suggest you install an add-on called RTX Textures, which will help you in this task. If you

  • 7 k
  • 307 k
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