Redstone Mods for Minecraft

Macaw's Trapdoors

Macaw's Trapdoors – New trapdoors in Minecraft There’s only one way to diversify the standard construction system in Minecraft – by installing mods. Add-on developers come up with different types

  • 1 k
  • 2 mln
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Redstone Pen

Redstone Pen Redstone Pen — is a popular modification for Minecraft, which greatly increases the feature set of mechanisms. It will help you to easily manage them with new settings. If you use

  • 1 k
  • 25 k
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Additional Lanterns

Additional Lanterns – New Types of Lanterns Lighting is one of the most important components of any game, especially in Minecraft, where you always have to fight with different types of mobs

  • 2 k
  • 68 k
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Lucky's Blocky Siege

Lucky’s Blocky Siege A mod that complements Minecraft with weapons used to defend villages, fortresses, and castles. A ballista, cannons, especially strong protective doors – all of these you’ll

  • 1 k
  • 14 k
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SCP Overtime

SCP Overtime Do you love the SCP universe as much as the designers of this mod? If so, you will have a unique opportunity to create your own laboratory with unique, dangerous, and creepy monsters

  • 1 k
  • 318 k
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Bedrock Miner

Bedrock Miner: Mining Bedrock in Minecraft In almost any Minecraft dimension, there are limitations that cannot be overcome by standard methods, and one of these is the bedrock, which shows the

  • 819
  • 28 k
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CMT's PowerStones

CMT's PowerStones – New types of Redstone Any Minecraft player has seen Redstone at least once in a lifetime, as they had to craft standard lamps with a switch installed, sticky pistons with

  • 311
  • 235
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Macaw's Doors

Macaw’s Doors – New Doors in Minecraft Would you like to add some more decorations to your Minecraft home? Do you always have to come up with artificial types of interiors or install additional

  • 104 k
  • 7 mln
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Time Controller

Time Controller: Instant Changing the Time of Day Suppose you urgently need to change the in-game time of day, but is there any way to do this? In this case, we suggest you consider using an

  • 170
  • 198
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