Structures Mods for Minecraft 1.14.2


Hunter's Return It is a small mod that adds just one but highly skillful new mob. This hunterillager will randomly spawn in the game world and mercilessly kill all living things that come across

  • 1 k
  • 203 k
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Dungeon Crawl

Dungeon Crawl If it seems to you that Minecraft lacks noteworthy big dungeons for adventures, a mod called Dungeon Crawl will solve this issue once and for all. It adds a lot of structures, which

  • 5 k
  • 3 mln
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Trident Crafting & Structures[FORGE]

Trident Crafting & Structures A minor mod expanding the underwater world of Minecraft with new and beautiful structures. From now on, your ocean journeys will become by times more interesting.

  • 477
  • 8 k
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