World Shaderpacks for Minecraft

Sensible Biomes

Sensible Biomes – — new biome generation at Minecraft In Minecraft, you can find a wide variety of biomes that can be both similar and very different from each other, including in issue of different

  • 845
  • 686
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Continental Sandwiches Data Pack

Continental Sandwiches Data Pack – «Sandwich-shaped»location If you like the landscape and the standard principle of location generation in the game Minecraft, do you want to change anything?

  • 910
  • 1 k
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[World Generator] Frozen Hell

[World Generator] Frozen Hell: An Apocalypse in Minecraft Are you ready for an apocalypse, given that you can survive in any Minecraft biome on any difficulty level? Have you ever had to live

  • 454
  • 604
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