Modpacks for Minecraft 1.18.1

BlockFront - Historic Guns & Warfare

BlockFront– World War II in Minecraft What topics have you tried to cover in Minecraft? These may be fantasy, anime, the Middle Ages, space, Marvel, and a dozen other universes that can be recreated

  • 97 k
  • 177 k
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Another Quality Modpack 2 - AQM2

Another Quality Modpack 2 – AQM 2 The best options among mobpacks are global ones, which bring hundreds of different changes to the game. One of them is Another Quality Modpack 2 – AQM 2 for

  • 1 k
  • 5 k
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The Vanilla Experience TVE

The Vanilla Experience The Vanilla Experience for Minecraft is a unique modpack that suggests taking advantage of completely new opportunities regarding how to use the vanilla environment for survival.

  • 3 k
  • 8 k
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TNP Limitless 5 - LL5

TNP Limitless 5 – LL5 If you like unrealistically large scale of your adventure, then we recommend paying attention to a modpack called TNP Limitless 5 – LL5 for Minecraft. This time, you’ll

  • 202
  • 4 k
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Simply Shaders

Simply Shaders Cannot find textures and shaders that would be in perfect harmony? Then you should consider using the Simply Shaders modpack, which will help in this task. It contains nothing

  • 4 k
  • 124 k
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Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla

Valhelsia: Enhanced Vanilla: A System of Skills and Levels If you do not have a clear goal in Minecraft but would like to follow a certain path, develop skills, gain levels, get tasks, and not

  • 1 k
  • 25 k
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Guns 'n More Armour

Guns 'n More Armour You don’t always feel like going off on a long and exciting adventure that can overwhelm you with its scale and content. Sometimes, you just want to relax, immerse yourself

  • 254
  • 30 k
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